9 April Fools' Pranks for Last Minute Fun

april fools day pranksYou know those moms, the ones who have elaborately themed costumes for the whole family at Halloween, who have their holiday cards mailed the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, I'm not her. I'm a slacker mom when it comes to holidays, and tomorrow is April 1. April Fools' Day.

Who doesn't enjoy April Fools' Day? The day when everyone wants to prank their loved ones with (hopefully) harmless jokes. But that's pressure for a mom like me. I have not planned ahead. I have not spent weeks prepping, setting up, scheming for the perfect prank for my husband or kiddos or co-workers.

But, fear not, fellow slacker moms! You too can participate in April Fools' Day!


I've rounded up a few last-minute pranks, ones that will literally take you 5 minutes to do. So, even though you have 83 other things on your list, you can have a little mischief too. Some you may have heard of before, some may make you groan, but try a couple so you and your slacker mom tush can get in on the fun.

For the kids:

1. If your kids are sound sleepers, sneak in the night before and switch the drawers in their dresser -- or move the clothes from one drawer to another. As they get dressed on April Fools' morning, be ready for a few "MOOOOMMMMM!"s from their bedrooms.

2. Do some breakfast pranks to kick off the day. Pull out the bags in the cereal boxes and switch 'em. When they pour their morning munchies, it will be Dad's All-Bran instead of Lucky Charms. If your milk is in a cardboard container, add a bit of blue food coloring to the milk and watch some surprised faces as they drizzle it over their cereal. If they ask why the milk is blue, just say the cow was a bit depressed. Get it? A sad cow, feeling blue ... yeah, I know ... that's bad.

3. Stretch some cling wrap on the front door or whichever door your kiddos come though after school. Watch them bounce off like pinballs. Or you can do this with the kids to get Dad when he comes home from work -- a family that pranks together, stays together!

4. Gather all of the small balls in the house and place them in a kitchen cupboard. When your kids go to grab a snack, the balls will come spilling out. They may be a bit peeved as they spill their soda, but secretly, they'll think they have the funniest mom ever.

For your husband:

5. Grab a permanent marker and a long piece of toilet paper. Write a message like "Who goes there?" or "Help! Signed, Bubbles the Fish" and float it in the toilet. When he goes in for his morning potty time, he'll do a double take.

6. Put a large sign that reads, "My family is playing an April Fools' Day joke on me! Honk at me!" on the back of his car. This may be a little tricky. If he has a long commute on a really busy interstate, it may not be such a great idea. But if he's just going into town, it's definitely a good prank. Expect an irate text message once he gets into work and watch your back later.

For co-workers:

7. Put a Post-It note on the bottom of a co-worker's mouse, so it covers the ball or sensor. When she goes to use it, it won't work. You will giggle as she calls the IT dude and explains to them how her mouse isn't working. This is a good one for your hubby or teenager, too.

8. Okay, you have to have a good-natured boss or co-worker friend as the prank-ee for this to work. First thing in the morning, go around to everyone in the office and tell them that the prank-ee needs them to come by at 11 a.m. or some specific time. The prank-ee will be, umm, surprised when 38 people pop over to their office all at once.

9. Superglue a pen cap to a pen and ask random co-workers if they can get it off for you (again, a good one for your hubby or the kids, too).

Do you have any good last-minute April Fools' Day pranks?


Image via smemon87/Flickr

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