How Many Passwords Can Your Mommy Brain Remember?

passwordDid you log into CafeMom? Did you enter your screen name and password? Think about that password, ladies. Is it the same one that you use to access your online banking, at Old Navy, on Facebook?

Yeah, I thought so. I'm right there with ya. And that's not good, friends. All of the tech dudes, the cyber geeks that we trust on these matters, say that you need to have a different password for each place you log into.

Not only that, the different passwords have to have different characters, different numbers, different letters. And you shouldn't use kids' names, pets, hobbies, or anything else remotely easy to figure out from your life. Which means they can't be jacobbella1, jacobbella2, and so on.

Hold the potatoes, people. I can't even remember what Kiddo's dentist's name is or to take in that dry cleaning sitting in a pile by the door. How, please tell me how I'm supposed to remember 20 different passwords that have nothing to do with my life?


I was reading the article with this password info that has me all in a tizzy over at Lifehacker (which I adore and drool over many of their pieces). But get this. Its title is "The Only Secure Password Is the One You Can't Remember." Seriously? I'm so doomed.

But the gurus try to help. They suggest keeping all of your passwords in a central password place. I guess there are websites for this that are uber-safe or something. That way you only have to remember one password.

Okay, let's imagine for a moment, shall we, that I have done what they said. I have a different random password for each site I visit. And let's say I have spent time and energy entering all of them into a central password site. 

And it's 4:04 p.m. on a Wednesday. I'm on the Lands' End website getting Kiddo a new swimsuit for camp. I need to check out. I have literally 4 minutes to do this before heading to ballet class. And I forget the Lands' End password. So I go to my central password place and log in there. Then, my iPhone buzzes with a text from the sitter saying she forgot to tell me we are out of toilet paper. On the computer, I search for the Lands' End password and find it on my list. Then Kiddo says she has to pee -- and she has on her pink leotard already, so she needs help. I head to the bathroom, which has no toiler paper, and have to run to the living room to dig through my purse to grab some Kleenex for Kiddo to wipe with and get her re-dressed for ballet. I scurry back to the computer and click back to the Lands' End site.

And, yes, you betcha, I have forgotten the Lands' End password I just looked up. Oh, and my 4 minutes are way done, like 9 minutes ago.

Mommy brain is totally going to get me cyberhacked.

How many different passwords do you have?


Image via islandinthenet/Flickr

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