Get a Great Deal on Murderer's House!

living in haunted houseThere's nothing like getting a great deal on real estate. Of course there's oftentimes a catch, and some way worse than others. Sure that foreclosure property you snatched up for a steal may not have any toilets, but that's an easy fix. But what if your good buy comes with a little something extra. Like, say, some bodies buried in the backyard?

Everyone has their deal-breaker moment. Ours was a house where rumors of "ghost rape" made me turn tail and run. But some people aren't as easily frightened away.


As serial killer/landlady Dorothea Puente died this week, one wondered what would happen to her Sacramento home where she stacked up bodies of her tenants like cordwood. It turns out, the new tenants are pretty happy about what they've gained, even posing for a smiley photo on the steps of the house of horrors. Presumably, the couple did not pay above market value for the Victorian.

But as you can see, other people have not been quite so happy with their purchases. Such as the guy who purchased the home where the Manson Family murdered Sharon Tate, among others. He tore that sucker down and changed the address. No word on who, if anyone, bought the Amityville Horror house after it went back on the market last year. The apartments where Jeffrey Dahmer committed his atrocities were razed (thank g--), and who would live there anyway?

Even having someone die where you live can be a little creepy. I lived in an apartment (rent-controlled, in Manhattan!) where Broadway director Gower Champion died on opening night of his production of 42nd Street. I came home to find my framed black and white photo of Roy Rogers cracked and in the toilet. I replaced it with an original Playbill of 42nd Street, and everything was peaceful afterwards.

Needless to say, some people can hack living with bad juju, especially if it means getting a deal. Others will sue the pants off of anyone who did not disclose the blood stains of yore.

Would you live in a murderer's house?


Image via barb_ar/Flickr

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