Super Glue Guy Dies, Moms & Beheaded Barbies Everywhere Mourn (VIDEO)


harry coover super glueSuper Glue. It's one of those things you take for granted -- on the same list as the microwave, the Internet, the wine delivery guy. You just assume it will be there when necessity calls. But at some point, someone had to invent it ... and sadly, that man, the brains, the genius behind Super Glue has died. Dr. Harry Coover passed away at the grand age of 94.

I think I join moms everywhere as we salute this hero. Without his invention, beloved action figures would still be missing limbs, favorite plastic dinosaurs would roam tail-less, blue-ribbon-worthy science projects would be collapsing in backseats everywhere in transit to the cafetorium. 

What's even more amazing than Super Glue itself is how it came to be -- as with every great idea, it started with a mistake!  

Dr. Coover was working at Eastman Kodak on an adhesive to fix gun sights for wartime, but the goop they came up with worked, well, too well -- it was sticking to everything in the lab. Smart guy Dr. Coover thought, "Hey, maybe this could be used for some other stuff!" and Super Glue was born. Today, Super Glue is used everywhere, from hospitals and on the battlefield, repairing wounds and saving lives ... to homes all over the world, repairing Hummel figurines and saving beheaded Barbies.

It is powerful stuff, that Super Glue. We've all had the "uh oh!" moment when you think you've Super Glued something to your body. And yes, you keep the little tube far up and away from your kiddo's hands so he doesn't Super Glue the cat to his little sister. But, those precautions aside, I'm kinda amazed moms ever got along without Super Glue.

Together, with its close cousin duct tape, Super Glue has transformed parenthood. How else would you survive your son's third-grade teacher, aka the Dictator of Dioramas? How would you help your daughter earn her Craft Badge? How would you repair your husband's grandma's tea cup collection after an indoor Capture the Flag-a-thon gone horribly wrong mere minutes before your in-laws arrived?

Dr. Coover received the 2009 National Medal of Technology and Innovation for his invention of Super Glue. He also receives our eternal thanks!

What was the last thing you Super Glued?


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ILove... ILoveKamNKate

Weird since I just used it a few hours ago to glue my daughters decorative tea cup back together.  RIP!

Say_i... Say_im_a_bird

RIP Dr. Harry Coover.


I couldn't stop laughing at the title. Props to you, Heather.

Totally made my day.

karis... karischub

A broken plastic baseball for the gym teacher...

othermom othermom

funny title

chiquis chiquis

I can't remember ... lol ...


I use a hot glue gun .. very rarely though. Lol.

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