Freaking Out About California Radiation

radiation in californiaSince I don't live in Japan, I've been watching the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster with great sorrow, without actually thinking about the effect it could have on me, personally. Even though I live in California, it didn't seem realistic that the tsunami waves would reach my Los Angeles home -- especially since we're inland. We even stayed in a beachfront hotel that weekend near San Diego, and I didn't lose a wink of sleep.

You'd think someone who lived in New York City during the attacks on September 11 might not think, "It can't happen here!" But that was exactly my attitude as the tsunami talk began the day of the quake in Japan. So naturally, when discussions of radiation in the air that I, and my children, breathe pop up -- I've also been in the camp of, "That's not going to happen to me."

I can hear some of you typing, "You're so naive!" Which may be true. In fact, it turns out there are a few things I could be freaking out about right now. 


The Radiation Detectors Don't Work

Yep, during a crucial time as radiation migrated across the Pacific, many of the detectors were out of service. But it's not just in my neighborhood, apparently there are about 20 detectors offline throughout the U.S. right now. Which may not worry those of you in Texas, except that ...

Radiation Has Been Found in the Southeast

If you thought living on the East Coast might protect you from any fallout from Japan, I'm sorry to report North Carolina has discovered low levels of radiation from the Fukushima disaster. South Carolina and Florida -- you're also getting some radiation. Yikes.

No Radiation Is Good Radiation

I know the experts have told us that the radiation is so diluted after traveling across the ocean that it will pose no health risk. But I don't get my teeth x-rayed all the time to avoid radiation. So it would be nice if I could avoid it in my day-to-day errand running. Besides, didn't we hear something similar about the air quality at Ground Zero?

Okay, how many of you are freaking out?


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