Dog Hating Bullies Gang Up on Boo the Toy Spaniel

king charles spanielI love dogs. And I don't mean I love dogs, I mean I love dogs. Big, small, fluffy, short-haired, the four-legged cuties always have a place in my heart. (Especially the smaller, fluffier ones.) But my love of dogs is only one of the many reasons I am irate at some of the residents of Hollywood Towers Condominium.

Okay, so get this: Mary Jo Stevens has suffered from a severe anxiety disorder ever since she fractured her jaw and injured her spine in a 1999 car crash. Scary, right? She tried medication, therapy, blah-blah-blah, nothing worked. Poor gal. What did work, though, is an adorable toy spaniel named -- prepare to melt -- Boo. Awwww!

Yes, little Boo is the one responsible for keeping Mary Jo calm instead of racked with anxiety 24/7. So, why are the residents of her condominium trying to get her to keep sweet Boo in a carrying case instead of in her arms, where she can reap the benefits of doggie love?


Does Boo bark? No. Does Boo bite? No. Does Boo poop? No. (Well, I'm sure he does, but not inside.) What is these people's problem?

Well, apparently, the condo is a no-dogs-allowed kind of place (which, to dog-lover me, is a crazy concept in and of itself, but anyway), so the residents already feel that they are "accommodating" Mary Jo by letting her have a dog in the first place. Here's how they're accommodating her: (As I mentioned) she is supposed to hold him in a carrier in the lobby and laundry room; she must use a service elevator; she can only enter and exit through side doors. That's not accommodating someone with a disability and a service dog! That's treating them like a second-class citizen.

Okay, fine, maybe I'm biased with my dog lovin' ways, but using side doors? Boo's a spaniel, not a pit bull! And, yes, I think Boo is a service animal -- he calms Mary Jo down. Who knows what kind of meltdown she could have without him close by? You wouldn't make a blind man use side doors if he lived there with his labrador, would you? (You wouldn't, right, people?) Love Boo. Accept Boo. No, I won't stop saying "Boo." It's the cutest name ever!

This seems to be a classic case of people just wanting something to complain about. I know your type. My grandma (God love her!) is that type. You tend to reside in condos or communities, and there's always something to address -- be it the mail, the garbage, or noise after 9!

With this one, though -- just this one time -- please, let it go. It's so not worth it. Isn't there, like, a light out in the garage or something? Mary Jo needs her doggie. He makes her feel safe. And I know that Boo doesn't like being locked up in that case.

What do you think of the way Mary Jo is being treated?


Image via Kjunstorm/Flickr

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