Christina Aguilera Had the Scariest Nursery of All Time (PHOTOS)

osbourne aguilera party houseAnother celebrity home is on the market, and if you snatch up this six-bedroom, nine-bath, Beverly Hills mansion, you'll be double dipping -- and maybe asking for a substance abuse problem. While troubled diva Christina Aguilera is selling this 10,000-square-foot monster, it actually had a much higher profile when its former occupants resided inside: The Osbournes.

During the train wreck (in a good way) of the MTV family show, Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack took up residence on Doheny Road. But after they moved out, Christina and Co. moved in; presumably steam-cleaning the heck out of any carpets. Now it's time for Aguilera to move on, and her loss could be your gain.

You can grab this way over-decorated home for $13.5 million, and party like an aging rock star, his dysfunctional kids, and/or a pop star going through a divorce. Just be sure you budget for those DUIs and rehab stints before you blow it all on the single family home on 0.64 acres.


osbourne aguilera party house

I'm looking at this bedroom and cannot imagine how a couple who spends their nights here ever got divorced, much less out of the sack. Sexy time!

osbourne aguilera party houseYeah, and this outdoor love nest? I'd be making out with my man all the time.

osbourne aguilera party house

Then completely emasculating him with this bathroom. Okay, I'm starting to see the problem with the Mr. and Mrs.

osbourne aguilera party house

And now for the most frightening nursery of all time. Is that a real tiger? That's a real tiger, isn't it?


Images via Zillow

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