Kelly Osbourne Buys Pomeranian Pup as Wife for Her Dog

kelly osbourne pomeranianWho doesn't like to play matchmaker -- especially for your closest friends. You meet a single guy who'd be perfect for one of your work besties, so wham, bam, you set them up. Well, Kelly Osbourne is no different -- but she's matchmaking for Sid, her pet Pomeranian!

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant announced she bought a new puppy, a 10-week-old girl Pomeranian who looks like a "mini-version" of Sid. Kelly got the adorable new pup with the hopes that she and Sid will fall in mad puppy love and have a big Pomeranian family.

Now, I have tried to play matchmaker many times -- with no success. I'm 0 for 7. Sigh, I've hung up my matchmaking apron. Sadly, it seems Kelly's luck is no different. She reports the doggie couple has had a rocky start.


That's right, Noodles-for-Now -- what she's calling the new pup -- and Sid didn't quite get off on the right paw, so to speak.

I want her to be Sid's new wife, but he actually seems a bit scared of her -- she playfully nipped him and he didn't know what to do!

Poor Sid! I know how he feels. Not only have I played matchmaker, back in my old single days, I was set up a few times by well-meaning friends. Always ended up as a total disaster. I'd arrive at the bar and see this guy, talk with this guy, get annoyed by this guy -- and I'd walk home thinking why in the world my friend would think I'd be a good fit with this dude.

Hopefully, Sid and Noodles-for-Now can start fresh, maybe when Noodles-for-Now is a little older, more mature, say 13 or 14 weeks old. No word on what advice Sharon and Ozzy are giving -- they've been married over 28 years, so they know something about relationships. 

Have you ever tried to play matchmaker -- for pets or people?


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