6 Places to Buy Wall Decals That Aren't Cheesy

Wall decals seem to be everywhere these days and for good reason: They're an easy, inexpensive, and non-permanent way to add some interest to blank walls. Renters adore them -- especially if they're not permitted to paint or wallpaper their temporary dwelling -- as do homeowners.

But even with all of the resources for wall decals out there, are you finding it difficult to locate ones that are actually cute and not cheesy or commonplace? Here's a list of my six favorite places to buy wall decals, starting with these darling toadstools from Love Mae. I love that they're made from fabric and even reusable!

The creative group behind Dwell Studio has recently added cute, modern decals (using their tried and true patterns) to its awesome lineup of products. It would be tough to choose just one.


If your daughters like changing outfits every few minutes, they would love to play with these life-sized paper doll decals, available from Land of Nod.


Petit Collage is another great source for well-designed goods. The giraffe ruler decal is a great way to chart growth without leaving pencil marks on the wall.


This sweet personalized bunting from Wee Gallery is right at home over a crib.


You've probably come across these cute decals created from Shanna Murray's illustrations and handwriting because they're so pretty and universally well-loved. They would look just as good in a nursery as they would in a master bedroom.

Which decals will be gracing your walls soon? Any other great places I should know about?

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LadyKiki LadyKiki

I got some really cute Jungle themed decals from Target when I was doing up my sons room. That was when he was a baby, his room is getting a make over now that he is a little older. Got Mickey Mouse decals on Amazon.com for a really good price and they are super cute.

MomoJL MomoJL





nonmember avatar Natasha

All these decals are over $50 a pack. Really?? You can get cute Roomates decals on Amazon for $12 and no, they are not cheesy at all. And paper cut out decals for $60? I'd rather stick my daughters art work on the walls for free. Thanks but no thanks.

Natas... Natasha_545

All these cost over $50 a pack. Really? for a bunch of vinyl stickers? You can get really cute Roomates decals on Amazon for $12 and no, they are not chessy at all. Also, why would I want to pay over $60 for paper cut out decals?? I would rather stick my daughter's art work on the walls for free.

Vanessa Rivette Rough

I love JaneyMac on etsy--she has beautiful stuff. I especially like her whales. But yeah, those Love Mae mushrooms are just the best.

Amber Nye Carlston

www.restickable.com Brand new company, so selection isn't huge - but it's building fast. And the prices are totally reasonable for FABRIC wall decals!

nonmember avatar Lindsey

Thanks for sharing!!! I am SO SICK of cringe-inducing type cluttering people's walls!!!! :)

Eliza... Elizabeth4980

I can't believe you missed Blik!  Best. Decals. Ever.

momka... momkaribg

Those are really cute.

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