Julian Assange Is Horrible Houseguest (VIDEO)

julian assange is a horrible houseguestBecause nothing is more entertaining than a re-enactment of an easily caricatured public figure, I can't stop watching (and laughing) at this video making the rounds of Julian Assange crashing on an NYC couple's couch. Of course the video was created by a former writer for The Colbert Report, so we're talking top-notch talent in this tale of fridge raiding, nude wandering, and couch hogging.

Apparently the Wikileaks founder really doesn't give a crap what you think about him, even if you're providing him with food and shelter. Is that so hard to believe? After all, what makes this whole video re-enactment thing even more hilarious -- is that it's a true story.


Some people are saying this is an attack on a man who just wants to get the truth out there. I think it's more of an indictment of a self-absorbed dude who believes he doesn't need to live by societal rules, because what he's doing is soooo important. (Not disputing the importance of what he's doing, just pointing out the ego that goes along with it.) Also a warning: NEVER LOAN YOUR LAPTOP TO JULIAN ASSANGE.

Assange may be shining lights in corners that are in dire need of illumination, but that doesn't mean he's not a total douche bag. If his dismissive behavior with his paramours doesn't seem to bother you, maybe his total disregard for his hosts will. Because we all know how a horrible house guest can ruin your whole day.

Would you let Assange crash on your couch?


Image via YouTube

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