Chevy Play Doh Car Puts Moms to Shame

play doh carI'm good with Play-Doh. No, really, I'm good. I can make a whole family of ducks, I can create a museum-worthy brontosaurus. Don't get me started on my fabu cupcakes. But I am a mere Play-Doh peon when it comes to the guys who made this life-size Play-Doh car.

Folks in London did double-takes when they spotted it parked on the street. It's life-size, people. It took 1.5 tons of aquamarine Play-Doh to create this amazing car. What's it for? A plug for the new Smurf movie? Is the Blue Man Group hitting London? Is it another Royal Wedding tie-in?


Nope, the large blue Play-Doh car is a replica of the new Chevrolet Orlando. As part of this whole ad campaign, GM asked over 1,000 adults what their favorite childhood toy was, and Play-Doh won, barely edging out LEGOs.

I don't care what it's for -- it's so cool! It took the model makers about two weeks to build it. I'm sure they had better tools than those plastic dull knives and letter molds we have in the abode. My main question: how did they keep it from drying out? I leave Kiddo's Play-Doh out for more than an hour, and it starts getting hard, all crackly and such. Makes this mom wonder what's their secret?

play doh car

Obviously, onlookers were intrigued, some scratching their heads, possibly asking themselves how it got there. I mean, I'm sure it doesn't work like a normal car. Did they tow it in under the cloak of night? And what happens if it rains?

play doh car

I'm impressed. Really impressed. Makes you ponder what would have happened if other toys had won the poll. A LEGO car? Cool, but done before. How about a car made of Barbie heads? Creepy. A marble mini-van? Hmmm ...

What would you do if you saw a life-size Play-Doh car?


Images via GM

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