New 12 Minute Washing Machine Had Me at Hello

12 minute washing machineLaundry. For some, it's the bane of their existence. Others love the feeling of completion, upon washing, drying, and folding a load or two of laundry. No matter what team you're on, doing laundry takes a certain amount of time, usually an hour or two, if not more.

But hold the bleach, ladies! There is a new washing machine by Russell Hobbs that has a 12-minute cycle. I kid you not. Let me type it again. A 12-minute cycle. One of the 14 cycles on this new machine washes not-too-dirty clothes in less than the amount of time it takes my kid to put on her socks. I guess there are two nozzles that jet-propel water and soap into your clothes, which makes to go uber-fast ... I kinda don’t care how it does it because it does it in 12 minutes! Be still my laundry-doing heart!

As I did the happy dance around my living room, 12 things every mom will love about this 12-minute washing machine popped into the ol' noggin:


1. It saves you time. Not just a bit of time, but two years and four months of washing time over the average adult's lifetime (that's if you do washing 5 days a week, which many moms do).

2. Let’s translate that time into money. Say you make $10 an hour (which is not at all what we're worth, I know, but this is just for fun). So, that’s 850 hours of time you're saving. Doing the math, carrying the 2, and you're saving $8,500 of time. Boo-ya!

3. It saves water. It uses 15% less than the machine sitting in your basement right now. Not only good for your water bill, but good for Mama Earth.

4. No longer can your husband say he doesn’t have time to do the laundry. It only takes 12 minutes. He can do two loads while he checks out the White Sox highlights and drinks his morning cup of java.

5. Breaking it into TV time: one load can be done before Dora reaches the second stage of her three-part adventure or before Double Jeopardy! starts. I'll take "Best Washing Machine Ever" for $500, Alex!

6. The machine offers a bunch of other cool stuff like half-load water level detection and special spinning cycles and stuff, but really, who cares -- it washes your clothes in 12 freakin' minutes!

7. It doesn’t cost $1,000 or even $800. It retails for about $520. Not bad when you consider you are saving yourself years of your life. Literally. Remember number 1?

8. The machine uses 30% less energy. It makes being kind to the environment so easy!

9. The usual load is about 90 minutes, so you are saving 68 minutes per load. Sixty-eight minutes. That’s huge in mommy time. Use that extra 68 minutes just for you to:

10. Learn chess.

11. Or play Angry Birds.

12. Or write a letter thanking Russell Hobbs, the makers of this 12-minute washing machine, for changing your life.

What do you think of this 12-minute washing machine?


Image via ASDA

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