My Feminist Take on the Mom Cave

mom cavesWe have all heard of Man Caves, maybe your guy will be holed up in his to watch the Sweet 16 this week. Those rooms, attics, basements with flat-screen TVs, mini fridges stocked with beer, and, yes, recliners with a pocket thingamajig over the arm rest that holds the TV Guide, the remote control, and lots of potato chip crumbs.

Ah, the Man Cave, the retreat where your guy heads to when he needs a break. Anyone else scratching their heads, wondering where's our place to relax? Really, if anyone deserves to have a space to chill out, escape from it all, we moms do.

Now, come closer. Don't tell anyone but I've heard rumors, whisperings, legends. Tales of women having Mom Caves. Rooms filled with flowers and lavender pillows. With books and cozy blankets and, gasp, quiet.

Could it be true? Could there be a thing called a Mom Cave?


I do not have a Mom Cave. I do not even have a door on my bedroom (yes, folks, it's called tiny NYC apartment living). But I dream of this thing called the Mom Cave. The beauty of the Mom Cave: it is whatever you want it to be, whatever makes you relax. No toys, no juice stains, no whining. For some, a wicker rocking chair, scented candles, and photos would fill the room. Others say a desk and lamp were necessary, where they could get work (other than housework) done.

What would be in my Mom Cave? Bookcases with books on my Must-Read list, a flat-screen TV with DVR hook-up, a speaker for my iPod to play jazz, some sort of comfy place to sit, write, relax (and yes, nap). Oh, and I'd have a mini fridge, too, stocked with water and wine and chocolate pudding -- everything you consume in your Mom Cave is calorie-free, right?

Sigh. I'm drooling just thinking about my Mom Cave. But (isn't there always a but), I don't want to call it a Mom Cave. They aren't called Daddy Dens, they are Man Caves. I would say it should be a Lady Lounge, but that sounds like an oversized bathroom in a hotel lobby. I'm thinking She Suite, maybe Lass Retreat? How about Gal Grotto? 

No matter what we call it, I want one.

What would you put in your Mom Cave?


Image via TinyApartmentCrafts/Flickr

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