Lamborghini Smashed By Idiot Millionaire (VIDEO)

Gallardo Lamborghini
Gallardo Lamborghini
I've had some bad service in my day ... products that I've purchased, expensive ones at that, that have failed miserably. Usually I find a functional semi-functional customer service rep, that makes me jump through the mandated hoops, then gets me what I need. Had any of my "products" been a Lamborghini I would expect zero hoop jumping, and a service rep waiting on me hand and foot.


So I was immediately skeptical (and disgusted) by a millionaire from Qingdao, China who claimed his Gallardo Lamborghini got such poor service after it had broken down that he needed to round up a dozen guys to take sledgehammers to it.

Now let me be clear, I am pretty certain none of my friends will ever be able to tell me first hand, unless maybe they win the mega millions on Tuesday, if service from Lamborghini is as good as I expect it is ... but I do have friends with BMW's and oh boy, the stories I get from them. On routine service calls, while they wait for their car, they've been offered manicures to freshen up, massages loosen up, and food (and I don't mean crappy doughnuts and coffee) to fill up. And that is just BMW, not Lamborghini, where a new Gallardo costs up to $700,000!

Yeah, so there are always two sides to a story.

Side One is this: Rich Businessman says frustration and terrible service made him bust up his very expensive car among a slew of spectators.

Side Two, the Lamborghini PR department, said this:

We put customer satisfaction first at Lamborghini and think that in this case we did everything to solve the problem. We solved the problem to the satisfaction of the customer.

And to add to Side Two's case, Robert Frank from the Wall Street Journal reports that according to a source:

The Lambo owner had a problem with the car, which was promptly fixed. But the owner had a larger business dispute with the businessman who owned the Lamborghini dealership in Qingdao. The event was used, according to this person, for the owner to gain publicity for his own business and to discredit the owner of the Lambo dealer owner.

Ahhh... now that sounds more like the truth. In addition, Franks source says this particular Lamborghini was 8-years-old and worth only $80,000. Whew, at least it was only $80,000 in the trash, instead of $700,000.

Note to Unreasonable, Irrational, Selfish, Rich Businessman in China:

Take your school yard games somewhere else. With so much hurt being felt around the world today, and a ridiculous amount of men, women, and children in your own country living in poverty, couldn't you have thought of a better way to get rid of $80,000? Donating the proceeds of the sale of the car to one of the many orphanages in China, or sending it to Japan, which is dealing with a crisis of epic proportions, would have been nice. But instead you acted like a child, a showoff, a hot-head.

I hope this video makes you proud, I think it makes you look pathetic.

Have you ever had a product that you've wanted to take a sledgehammer to?


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