New Home of Elin Nordegren Amazing But Not Enough (PHOTO)

Elin Nordegren homeSpending $12.2 million on a home is difficult for me to comprehend -- but man you can get some kind of amazing home for $12.2 million! And in the case of Elin Nordegren, she could have spent $50 million, like her sleazy, golfer ex-hubby Tiger, and I don't think anyone would have called her out for it.

Besides, her Florida mansion only has six bedrooms ... that's not so over-the-top when you think about potential room assignments.


One room for each kid, one room for mom, a room for the nanny, and a guest room or two. Boom, six rooms, done. Not so sure about the need for eight bathrooms and 9,000 square feet, but when I was a kid I certainly wouldn't have minded not having to share a bathroom with my brothers!

What I really want to know is what fabulous amenities does her new place have. I don't see anything about a pool (even though she is on a private beach) but she is in Florida, and pretty much every house in Florida has got a pool. But what else makes this place special? I am hoping (waiting) for a house tour ... and guessing that whatever she's got, it isn't enough! Well, not enough to make up for the crap she went through because of Tiger's infidelities.

Elin is set to pack up and move from Orlando in just a few weeks. Kiddies Sam and Axel will be a short 10 miles away from dad's new pad in Jupiter, Florida. I just hope Tiger's new 22-year-old girlfriend, arrested in October for suspicion of DUI, isn't allowed to play step-mommy!

What do you think ... is this enough for Elin or should she have gone bigger?


Image via SplashNews

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