Flying Flaming Prairie Dogs Annoy Neighbors (VIDEO)

flying flaming prairie dogs
What did I ever do to you?
We've all had some annoying neighbors in our travels. There's the aggressive fence builder, the spy, the drunk ... or maybe that's just me. But this neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado has one of the most interesting complaints about what's happening on their street: Prairie dog explosions. 

It seems there are some people out there who want to rid the world -- or at least, Boulder -- of these cute, lovable, but admittedly, very diggy animals. Unfortunately for the neighbors surrounding the area, the anti-woodland creature brigade is bringing out the big guns: The Rodenator.

Yep, the Rodenator is an incredibly loud, violent method of blowing these dogs out of their holes and killing them. Not only is it shaking windows and scaring pets, but in at least one case, children watched as prairie dogs were blown out of their holes and ran screaming, while on fire. How do you explain that to the kids?

A resident explains:


I've heard of horses breaking their legs by stepping into a prairie dog hole, so I can see where one lady is coming from. But like the homeowner in this video says, there's got to be a more humane way of getting rid of these cute little rodents. Scaring children, dogs, and war veterans is not the way to go. In fact, it sounds like the people behind the Rodenator are making the area downright unlivable.

And you thought your naked lawn mowing neighbor was bad.

Whose side are you on here?


Image via Arrr!/Flickr

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