The Ultimate Hoarder Keeps Mom Around

hoarder dead bodyIf you think you've seen it all on Hoarders, think again. A non-celebrity hoarder just proved that those people who go on television are simply amateurs. Disgusting amateurs, but they've got nothing on Gladys Bergmeier of St. Louis, Missouri, who died in February before she could enjoy the attention her crazy hoarding would bring. After her death, a relative with the unfortunate job of cleaning out Bergmeier's home stumbled upon a pretty horrific discovery in one of the overly crowded rooms.

Wrapped in multi-colored curtains and a plastic sheet, with an expired bottle of orange juice from 2003, the cleaner found a dead, mummified body. Although not yet proven, the belief is it's Gladys Bergmeier's mother, also named Gladys, who came to live with the younger Gladys in 1993.

Sounds very Grey Gardens meets Psycho, doesn't it?


Even more disturbing is that no one had seen the elder Gladys since shortly after she moved in with her daughter. So it's possible that the mummy has been piling up with the newspapers for almost 20 years.

Let's see, are there any episodes of Hoarders that were worse than this?

  • You've got your basic dust and hair piles
  • The maggots under the floor

Hmmm. Nope, dead mother, still worse.

What do you hoard?


Image via susie.c/Flickr

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