Brighten Up Your Office & Home With 'Sunshine' in a Lamp

lampI love natural light, despise most overhead lighting. But I work in an office cubicle far away from a window so that means I'm stuck with the drab ceiling lamps that cast unsightly lighting that affects my productivity and mood (and makes me look awful in a mirror!). No one wants a crankypants co-worker. So when Philips sent me their Wake-up Light Plus, I wanted to try it out at my desk ... immediately.

It's like sunshine in a lamp -- something I'm lacking in my dark cubby -- and it's said to increase my alertness. Which is great, because a coffee run at 3 p.m. each day (in addition to my morning cup) is starting to add up.

Could a lamp lift my mood and make me feel more awake without caffeine? After testing it out for a couple of weeks, I know it can! Philips was so excited to hear about The Stir's enthusiasm that they sent us lamps for everyone in the CafeMom office. Everyone's desk (and mood) got a little makeover. Check out some of the testimonials .... 


I am LOVING this lamp! This is my first day in the office since we got them. And I Iove the radio feature. Hopefully I can get some work done because I am tempted to play with it all day. This is a huge improvement. Thank you!  -Claudine (let's not tell her boss about her not getting work done)

I definitely feel a difference when it's on and feel more energized and my mood improves. Even having it on when sitting near a window -- it still makes a difference. The only downside is it gets pretty hot. I pretty much have it on all day and noticed it gives a nice glow around the office coming off the desks. I haven't tried out the radio but I know LoriAnn loves it and she's one tough customer! -Kim

I love the radio! It is so clear, no static. It is better than my old radio. I need a new shower radio and am thinking of looking if Philips has a good one, because I think they have probably mastered the antennae/signal/reception. -LoriAnn (the 'tough customer')

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I think they are cute/well designed and blend well into an office setting. The lamp doesn’t really help me stay alert on the job ... but it is awesome to get more light since I am windowless. -Shaila (who still needs her coffee)

I have to say I haven't had much of a late-afternoon slump lately! I can definitely feel a mood improvement. The design is maybe a little clunky. Would be fun to have a more shapely design? Something sexier? -Holly

I do like the design, and even with a window I find that it adds some nice extra light, plus it's great when it's dark out. I do think it's a bit complicated. It would be nice to have an auto on/off feature based on time of day (only seems to have an alarm), but if it has one, I can't figure it out. Overall it's good, just maybe a few too many features for a light! -Paul (who prefers the simpler things in life)











I love how the light doesn't just come out of one section of the lamp and the whole structure illuminates so I can basically place it anywhere. When I'm feeling a bit tired, I just make the lamp brighter and it basically gives me a second wind. The radio is great since it beats listening to nothing while you work and when the right song comes on, it definitely puts you in a great mood. Mood boost = productivity boost! I love the bird chirping sounds, it's so peaceful and just calms you. -Lori

I think they are sleek and modern looking. They really help to keep me going once it starts to get dark out. I'm not sure about creativity but my outlook is more positive. I love the radio feature and I love that I can download sounds from the Internet! -Ben

I think the lamp itself looks cute. It reminds me of Wall-E. I don't know if it adds to my alertness on the job, but I was in a strangely good mood yesterday for it being my first day back from vacation, and it was the first time I used the lamp. Coincidence? -Emily

I think it keeps me alert and just in general makes my desk a more pleasant place to be. I think that it's really cool that the lamp can be set to gradually dim as you go to sleep, and gradually light up to wake you in the morning, but unfortunately not very useful in the office. Unless there is some kind of corporate nap policy at CafeMom that I don't know about? -Andrew

I tried the lamp out at home and used it as an alarm. The gradual lighting paired with the yoga music helped me get out of bed, especially the other morning when it was dreary and raining outside. -Michele

The Philips Wake-up Light Plus retails for $169.99.

Do you feel like good lighting helps your mood and productivity at work?


Images via Philips; Michele Zipp

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