Pump Up the Drama Displaying Your Family Photos

I've been thinking a lot about family portraits since it's been almost two years since our last one. I would love to get some shots while we're in France then blow them up to display in our home to personalize it a bit. Here are some interior shots I've been taking inspiration from.

This first image is of Palmer Weiss' daughter's room featured in Lonny Magazine. I love how the portraits really pop in the white frames. 


These adorable black and white baby prints are displayed in Sara Hicks Malone's living room. 

Here are two examples of how Jen Altman displayed portraits of her little girls. They look great mixed in a gallery wall in the first photo and are equally as chic above the couch in the second photo.

This quirky family photo from Lori Andrews is a fun addition to the kitchen. 

And don't think this look only works for professional shots. This photo prominently featured in Lulu de Kwiatkowski's home (also featured in Lonny) was taken with a disposable underwater camera! I'm sure it's quite the conversation starter. 

So what do you think? Are you scanning through your photos deciding which ones would work best? I know I am. 


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