Adorable Penguins on a Plane! (VIDEO)

penguins on an airplaneIf you happened to fly from San Francisco to San Diego last weekend, you might have been sharing your ride with some flightless water fowl from the Antarctic. While most of us never know what animals might be flying in cargo, these privileged penguins actually got to fly coach.

What, no first class?

Of course they flew Southwest Airlines, the working class airline that only has coach seating. So the birds were subject to the indignities of food-for-pay and non-lux seats like the majority of Americans. Yes, someone totally got the adorableness on video. Here 'tis:


Awwwww! If this cuteness was on my airplane, I wouldn't complain so much about the lack of leg room and the handsy TSA. I might complain about the fish smell, and I can't imagine all of those birds made it to San Diego without pooping on at least one person's shoe. But it's still a lovely way to be entertained mid-flight: by a march of the penguins down the aisle as the flight attendant gives you a lesson.

The penguins were on their way to SeaWorld (possibly along with some of their fellow passengers on spring break), and I'm guessing they might be too precious to fly in the belly of the plane. I, for one, wouldn't want to risk the lives of these waddley birds. I just wonder if they faced the same seat belt rules as the rest of us, and if the flight attendants had any penguin language safety instructions.

How cute is this?


Image via YouTube

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