What Celebrity Travel Buddy Do You Want? (VIDEO)

Cyndi Lauper at AirportDo you need a vacation after picking your March Madness brackets? Picture it: you book your tickets, grab your sunscreen and iPad 2, and head off to someplace warm and sandy.

But then you get stranded at the airport. Every minute you’re waiting to take off is one less sip of a fruity umbrella drink. Annoying. Infuriating. Not much can make it better except ... Cyndi Lauper!

Passengers who were delayed at Buenos Aires' Jorge Newbery Airport were treated to an impromptu concert by the music icon. The also-stranded pop star sang, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” over the PA system, and frustrated travelers and airline workers all jammed along. Made the inconvenience of waiting for that flight to take off just a bit more tolerable, huh?

I love Ms. Lauper. Loved her on The Celebrity Apprentice, love her charity work. She'd be awesome to share the in-flight magazine with. Hmmm, what other celebs would be as handy as a comfy travel pillow to have along on a trip?


George Clooney -- The suave, charismatic actor not only would be lovely to chat with on your journey, but every other flight attendant will want George to be comfortable too. As his companion, you’ll get the perks by mere association.

Neil Patrick Harris -- Neil's funny, Neil's sweet, Neil can sing! If you’re sitting on the tarmac, remember he’s used to entertaining a captive audience -- he hosted both the Emmy Awards and the Tony Awards.

Miss J (J. Alexander) -- From America’s Next Top Model. While you are waiting to take off, he'll give fashion pointers and have everyone working on their fierce runways walks up and down the aisle.

Kathy Griffin -- She’ll have you laughing so hard as you bide your time. Another plus: she’s worked an airplane before (check out on Episode 3 on Season 4 of My Life on the D List). 

Bill Clinton -- Not only will this former president make a few calls to get the plane on its way, as a seat partner, he’ll have the best stories. World leaders, celebs, what he’s reading -- all of it will make the time fly as you wait to fly.

What celeb would you want to travel with if you were delayed?

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