Daylight Savings Time Messes Up My Mom Life

daylight savings timeAll of us at The Stir want to remind you that this weekend is Daylight Savings Time! We're springing forward one hour, people. Come Sunday, March 13, we all get 60 more minutes of fabulous sunlight.

Yes, technically, we lose an hour of sleep. Which totally screws up a kiddo's sleep schedule, the bane of parents with small children everywhere. And not only do you have to deal with this little whiny person until her body clock adjusts, you just may get in an accident while driving to the store.

I'm not kidding, the number of traffic accidents increases the days after we "spring forward." Really, Daylight Savings Time whacks out lots of stuff other than our snoring.


What else gets wackadoodle?

Your pet: I don't think the (now departed) Princess Fishy Fish would have been thrown, but your Fluffy has a feline body clock too. She may get a bit confused as to why you aren't getting out the Meow Mix at the usual time.

Your health: Heart attacks increase in the days after Daylight Savings Time. We all know lack of sleep affects so much. Add to that the stress of dealing with sleepy kiddo meltdowns in the cereal aisle, and your heart is working overtime. Stay calm in the days after you change the clocks, do some meditating, keep calm, and carry on!

Your sex life: Wonka-chicka-waow-waow! They say vitamin D boosts your man's testosterone. More sunlight equals more vitamin D equals more hanky-panky. The problem with this? You are both too tired to get any lovin' mojo going.

But wait! This year, there are even more things that can get wonkadoo:

Your March Madness office pool: Losing that one hour of sleep can really throw off your mental prowess. Sunday evening, the seeds are revealed and millions of people start filling out those brackets. You'll need to stay focused; take power naps to re-fuel for picking those winners.

Charlie Sheen: We've seen him totally crazypants on normal "Tiger Blood" time. What happens when the "rock star from Mars" has his body clock shifted?

Do you love or hate Daylight Savings Time?

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