YouTube Solves Blizzard Photo Mystery (VIDEOS)

youtube video life changing blizzard filmGet ready to be uplifted! What started off as an afternoon of cross-country skiing through Prospect Park in Brooklyn became a life-changing adventure for Brooklynite Todd Bieber. Bieber (no relation to supermop, Justin) came upon a roll of film while he was in the park, and decided to have it developed. Sure it could have been porn-y, or amateurish, or even completely ruined from laying in the snow. Instead, it moved Bieber so much that he became intent on finding the owner and becoming friends with the mystery people who popped up in the pictures.

First stop -- YouTube, where Bieber made this video to try and locate the people who owned the film that developed into beautiful, artsy photos of one of the many blizzards that has hit New York this winter.


This was Bieber's initial call for help. It's received almost 1.5 million views, which led to Bieber getting over 800 emails. Most of the emails were simply cheers for what he was trying to do -- connect to people he didn't know and to go on a grand adventure. What followed were offers of support as people all around the world offered up their couches so Bieber could come visit, if that's where his search brought him.

Eventually what happened was that someone did recognize the people and places in the photo and connected Bieber with the original owner of the film -- in Paris. So Todd Bieber, who was looking to add more adventure into his life, and his girlfriend headed off on a European trip where he took people up on their offers of couch surfing, and created lifelong memories all across the globe. Here's a video of Bieber's travels that end with the meeting of the mystery photographer.

Is your heart warmed? Are you ready to take off on your own trek? I know I am. And I also know it makes me more willing to reach out to a stranger, open my heart to possibilities, and never underestimate the power of the human connection.

Are you inspired by Todd Bieber's film project?


Image via YouTube

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