'American Idol' Finalists Got Gypped on Their Mansion (PHOTOS)

idol houseThe top 13 finalists from American Idol got a taste of the celebrity life last Friday when they moved into their new digs. The mansion, located in Beverly Hills, costs an estimated $100,000 per month to rent.

Generally, when you see a house like this on The Real Housewives, my initial reaction is "who needs all that space?!" But man, after hearing about some of the stories about struggles that a few of these artists have had ... I say live it up. In fact, I wonder why the Idol producers didn't spring for something bigger. Take James Durbin's story, for example:


Before American Idol, 21-year-old Durbin wasn't exactly having an easy time. Living with Asperger's and Tourette's syndromes, Durbin was unemployed while attempting to support his wife Heidi and their young child. And then, there's Naima Adedapo. A 26-year-old from Milwaukee making a living as a janitor with two kids of her own.

I'm sure that neither Durbin or Adedapo fathomed the instant fame or emotional roller coaster that comes with being on Idol. And I'm also pretty sure they almost had a heart attack the first time they saw their new house. Hell, I know I did.

This new house and the Idol fame may be just the ticket for these two. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, Idol is the pick-me-up for any aspiring singer who is down on their luck. So why not top it off with the luxury of a Beverly Hills mansion, even if it is only for a few days (or for some, weeks)?

The mansion has the most unbelievable view, 9 bedrooms, a hot tub, 9 bathrooms, a game room, a pool table, a pool, and is reportedly worth $12 million. 

american idol house

The grand room is massive and I love the overhanging balcony. A girl's gotta wonder, how are the acoustics in there? A bit echo-y?

american idol house

With a kitchen built for a professional, I wonder who will be doing most of the cooking? One thing's for sure, milk products are a no-go. Creates excess phlegm. Extra mucus + singing for reality TV survival = not good.

american idol houseAt first I was thinking that 9 bedrooms just wasn't enough. That was until I saw the gargantuan king-size bed and realized that three people could sleep in it comfortably, without touching each other, with their arms spread. Problem solved.

american idol houseWhat. A. View. Talk about a little inspiration to sing your best, eh? Not to mention, looks like the patio's totally big enough to grab a good California tan.

What do you think about the American Idol mansion for the top 13?

Images via MLS

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