Charlie Sheen Buys New House for $7.5 Million (PHOTOS)

charlie sheen house tourTroubled addict Charlie Sheen apparently isn't worried about his dramatic drop in income. The warlock just dropped $7.5 million on an estate for his ex-wife Denise Richards. (Brooke Mueller, however, he's not so keen on these days.) While the talk has been that Sheen simply wants his children nearby (and before this mess, Richards seemed to agree that was a good idea), I'm thinking the reasons for buying this 9,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion are far more nefarious.


Something that hasn't gotten enough play in this whole Sheen meltdown is the fact that Sheen is a man who beats women. Abusers like to exert control over their victims, and one way to gain control is to buy someone a home and then use it as a threat in case that person doesn't follow your orders. The home is also near Sheen's goddess retreat, so he can have easy access to his victims. Richards may need someone to purchase a $7.5 million manse, but she's got to know the consequences she, and her children, will face by accepting this house.

Just recently Richards said she didn't want her children to be with Sheen, and threats against her by the addled actor frightened her. Which is enough to make me want to live in a house far away from the nut job, even if I had to pay for it myself.

This is a beautiful home, but not worth the strings. Check it out.

charlie sheen house tourThe backyard and pool look much more serene than the reality would be living under Sheen's thumb.

charlie sheen house tourA gourmet chef's kitchen is great, as long as Charlie Sheen isn't shoving your head into the oven.

charlie sheen house tourSame goes for this jacuzzi tub.

charlie sheen house tourThe outdoor lounge area is great for sober parties. Like that is ever going to happen.

Would you let Charlie Sheen buy you a house?


Images via MLS

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