Man Builds Coolest House Ever: It's an Ark!

arkI get the whole "being prepared" mentality. I have an emergency stash of water, spare clothes, and a crank radio in the top of our linen closet. I have a first-aid kit and back-up supplies for medicines. Johan Huibers in the Netherlands, where the threat of floods is very real, is taking preparedness to a whole other level.

He’s building an ark. Since having a dream about a flood in 1992, he’s been ark-obsessed. He’s already built one, but I guess it wasn’t a proper-sized one. He’s now working on a "full-scale" replica that he plans to sail around the world. Yes, I, too, am picturing scenes from Evan Almighty with Steve Carell sporting a long, white hairdo and robes.

And there’s no word on what his wife thinks about all of this.


Okay, there’s no word if he has a wife at all. But lordy, just imagine the convo over dinner? Johan: “I’m going to spend the next decade, er, rest of my life building an ark.” Wife: “That’s nice, dear, pass the stoofperen.” I don’t think so.

An ark. Now, perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions. The fact that he’s a building contractor makes me think he’s got some good ideas, some know-how. Maybe he's designed a modern take on the whole ark thing. Maybe it’s an ark-yacht hybrid. Swank living spaces, state-of-the-art equipment, groovy ark bathrooms. 

But, he says he’s building a replica of old Noah’s boat. By definition, a replica is an exact copy of the original. Any hopes of Mama getting modern perks like, oh, a toilet seem slim.

My husband has hobbies -- he has two fantasy football teams, he likes playing a few games on his iPad, he loves disaster movies. But if he turned to me and told me he was building an ark for us, I’d ask him why not throw in a Trojan Horse for when my parents come to visit.

Would you live in an ark?


Image via Ken’s Oven/Flickr

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