5 Signs Charlie Sheen Is Possessed by the Devil

charlie sheen possessed by devilDid you know demons were alive and well and inhabiting American (and other) citizens? Me neither! But if you watched the new Anthony Hopkins thriller The Rite, you might have known that exorcisms are being performed all over the place -- maybe even in your neighborhood.

Especially if your neighborhood is Beverly Hills ... and Charlie Sheen is your next-door neighbor.

A recent interview with Father Gary Thomas, the most famous exorcist in America and inspiration for The Rite, outlines the signs of true demonic possession. Sheen seems to fit the bill in five different ways.

  1. Post-9/11 Trauma -- Apparently the exorcism business has been hopping since 9/11 and the millennium. Since Sheen is so convinced 9/11 was an inside job, perhaps it's all wrapped up into one big ball of demon possession.
  2. Person Has a "Broken Relationship" With God -- While Sheen says he worships his "goddesses," there seems to be trouble in paradise as Rachel Oberlin apparently fled Sober Valley Lodge. Even though she's back, there is probably still room for the devil to move in.
  3. Speaking German -- Or some other foreign language that they've never studied before. Charlie Sheen is clearly speaking warlock, with no evidence he's ever studied the ancient language.
  4. Rigid Body/Eye Rolling -- Check.
  5. Memory Loss -- Many of Father Thomas' possessions victims have no recollection of what came before. Sheen seems to have forgotten his admissions of beating women, and probably the fact that he has five kids he needs to step up for.

Do you believe Charlie Sheen is possessed by the devil?



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