GasBuddy Helps Moms Save Their Money for Wine

filling gas tankThe price of gas is insane crazypants these days. I don't know about you, but the steady increase at the pump is seriously impacting the budget in my abode. When my monthly wine stipend is threatened, this mama goes into action. Because I like you guys so much, I'm passing along what I found. Meet my new buddy, GasBuddy.

Run, don't walk to your computer and download this fabu app to your iPhone, Android, whatever smart device of your choosing. All you do is enter your zip code and -- voila! -- it will tell you the gas prices in your area. You get the nearest, cheapest price with the flick of your finger.

I know! How cool is that, huh?  


Prices are calculated, tracked, and reported by users, so you are getting the best quotes possible. If you see a fabu low price, list it. Not only can you feel all warm and gooey knowing you've helped others save a few bucks, you can win prizes (like, um, a gas gift card).

So, you are driving down the road and stop to fill up your tank. No longer will you release an R-rated tirade (which Kiddo will undoubtedly repeat in ballet class) after seeing another station 500 yards away with a lower price. Nope, you will have your new buddy, GasBuddy, right there to tell you where to go to get the deal. If you save $0.20 per gallon filling up your 15-gallon tank, that $3, that's my morning Starbucks, friends.  

Not only do we moms need this app, my dad needs this app. He's kind of a walking version of GasBuddy. He spends half of his day tracking gas prices around town. At any given moment, he knows the Chevron station by Arby's is $3.108, while the Mobile up on the hill by Wal-Mart is up to $3.412. Dad would love this app. But he'd have to get a smartphone. And my husband would have to set it up for him, which could be problematic. But Dad would love GasBuddy, really. It would leave him so much time for, well, figuring out his new smartphone.

If they can come up with GasBuddy, just think of what's next. Maybe ToiletpaperBuddy, which will track the price of Charmin in your area. Or ShoeBuddy, tracking where to find those yummy Kenneth Cole sandals for the best price.

Until then, I'll be happy with GasBuddy, my new buddy. And yes, ladies, I'm humming the "My Buddy" song from the ad for the doll by the same name. Everyone together now: "My buddy! My buddy! Wherever I go, he goes!"

Do you have a favorite app that's helped you out?

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