How to Get Your Backyard In Shape for Spring

prune roses

Time to prune the roses!


Ah, springtime. We enjoyed our first full day of open windows yesterday, so I know spring is finally here! Now it's time to spruce up the house and the yard and make the most of the warmer weather.

If your backyard looks anything like mine, it's a bit of a mess right now. It's definitely time to get it in shape for kids' play now that we have more daylight, outdoor dinners -- my favorite! -- and an Easter egg hunt later in the month. But where to begin?

We've put together a checklist of some of the big picture yard cleanup tasks you can tackle to make big improvements to your winter-worn backyard. Let's take a look.


5 Steps to Get Your Backyard In Shape for Spring

  1. Clear debris. Clear the lawn and beds of any leaves, twigs, and other debris left over from the last storm. Give your lawn a rake -- not too hard -- you don't want to disturb any new grass growth. If you live in warmer regions, your grass may be ready for its first spring mow. Once your beds are clear, you can start planning your first trip to the nursery.
  2. Weeds. Tackle weeds in your beds and lawn early while the soil is still loose and before they have a chance to go to seed.
  3. Prune roses. Time to prune your roses, if you haven't done so already (we do it a little earlier here in NorCal). Remove any dead stems and leaves, and then cut back any branches that are intertwined. Remember the more air you can get circulating in the middle section, the less mildew. Prune stems at a slant, just above any new buds that face out.
  4. Hose down. Give your backyard a good wash-down around your patio or deck. Your yard will look fresh and clean so you can begin utilizing it again.
  5. Put out patio furniture. Drag out the picnic table, chairs, and umbrella and clean them off for your first outdoor spring meal. If the rainy season isn't hitting your region too hard, some fresh pillows in bright colors can make your outdoor space very inviting.

There, that ought to get you started. There's nothing better than a fresh and clean backyard at the onset of spring.

How do you prepare your backyard for spring? What do you tackle first?


Image via bob_jenkins

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