True Star Wars Geeks Covet Handmade Swag

R2D2 hat crochetThis is a shout-out to all my fellow Star Wars geeks! What up? Hope you're all staying away from that Dark Side, yo. Now I know most of us true Star Wars fans grew up on all those cool now-vintage action figures, but times are a'changing, my Jedi-adoring people. Let us now evolve and geek out on some more natural fibers!

Do not fear (for it is the path to the Dark Side), going handmade does not have to get in the way of true Star Wars love.

That said, here's a roundup of some seriously cool Handmade Star Wars goodies. Be true and get your geek on with crochet and knit and more! Check this awesome swag out.


If You Want Any of This Swag, You Might Be a True Star Wars Geek:

storm trooper pillow

How rad would this Star Wars Storm Trooper Pillow Cover look on your sofa?

Princess Leia wig

Be a galaxy princess and have warm ears in this Knit Princess Leia Wig.

empire strikes back poster

This Retro Scandinavian-Style Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Poster is so stylish your family may not even notice it's geekery (I want this!).

R2D2 hat crochet earflap

What true Star Wars geek wouldn't love to wear this Handmade Crochet R2D2 Hat out and about?

nerfherder cuff bracelet

I think looking down at this Nerfherder Cuff Bracelet all day could make me very happy.

star wars cookie cutters

Who knew Star Wars could be yummy -- Star Wars Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters (make Yoda Oreos!)?

may the force be with you wall decal

The beautiful send-off we all need when we wake up each morning -- a "May Tthe Force Be With You" Wall Decal.

star wars baby doll dress handmade

Oh yeah, dress me up in this Handmade Star Wars Baby Doll Dress!

crochet star wars millenium falcon

This Crochet Star Wars Millenium Falcon is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen (I want it!).

han solo carbonite throw pillow

Want this Han Solo in Carbonite Throw Pillow (via Holy Kaw!)? Then you really are for real.

May the force be with you, my friends.

Are you a true Star Wars geek? Prove it.


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