Yellow Sac Spiders Are Moving In on Us

yellow sac spiderWhat the heck kind of Mazda recall spiders are these I want to know! I accept the presence of house spiders in my home. I accept that they can bite you on occasion in your sleep, but that as long as it's not a brown recluse or black widow, it is generally no big deal.

But if these yellow sac spiders are able to wreck entire Mazdas, what kind of damage can they do, are they doing in my house?! To me and my kids while we are sleeping? After they find "cracks" to crawl in and hide, you know, like the crux of my son's arm or my earlobe. Maybe not this same type of sac spider, but another equally heinous, equally powerful kind.


The spiders are on everyone's fear factor list today following a recall of 66,000 cars yesterday, after an infestation in the engine raised concerns of dangerous fuel leaks.

The alarming quote from an interview that WDAM did with a spider expert that had me running around my house this morning with my canister vacuum in search of those little Q-tip looking things:

Barnes said that in the "worst-case scenario," the fuel tank could potentially crumple in on itself in a way that air deflates from a plastic bag. That could result in gas leaks and even fire.

Crumple in on itself?

Gas leaks and even fire?

I mean, what kind of sacs are THOSE? And why can't they use that same material to reinforce the knees of my 7-year-old's pants?

Yellow sac spiders are in fact the same little demons responsible for ruining your barbecue. They don't just flock to cars, they love to shack up in grills and all and any mechanical structures with little hiding places, where they lay eggs and then enclose them in their fortress-like sacs, sacs strong enough to block the evaporative canister in a car's engine and open it up to potential fuel leaks.

And do goodness knows what else to other things. Bed bugs watch out. You may suck our blood, but yellow sac spiders can actually break our stuff BEFORE they take a chomp out of us. The lesson here, we must not underestimate them. As I told my daughter, do not let their pretty pastel color fool you. Yellow is not always your friend.


Image via Eran Finkle/Flickr

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