It's the First Day of Spring! Hooray?

flower in snow

Today is the first day of spring 2011. No, your iPhone didn't screw up again. It's still only March 1, not March 20 -- and no, your thermostat didn't bust, it's still chilly-chill outside. You see, today is the first day of meteorological spring. Didn't know that? Well somebody did because the masses are plugging it into the Google genie today like crazy.

Just don't get too excited and pull out your cruddy flip-flops quite yet. Meteorological spring means that many people across the country, especially up north, will still have to bundle up in heavy coats and squeeze their feet into those stretched out, worn down Fuggs yet one more day, even though they were practically wearing shorts yesterday. And oh, yes, they'll still be able to complain about this pain in the ass, changeable weather a little while longer.


Meteorological spring is not so much a turn to warmer temperatures, but the day when we wake up and realize that the three coldest months of the year are behind us and there's nothing but good warm vibrations ahead. Kind of like how a mom reacts to the first day of school. Relief. Excitement. Return to yoga class! So that's got to count for something, right? Just think, only a few weeks ago, most of the 50 states reported snow cover. I don't know about you, but I'm a little less depressed right now.

Meteorological spring always falls on March 1, no matter what the groundrat says or when the vernal equinox -- the official first day of spring, when the sun will be directly overhead in the sky at the equator -- falls. That's when the light and the temperatures really seem to shift for the better, all the little green things start popping up all over the place, and our eyes and nose start bracing for another allergy season.

So enjoy those clear lungs a little while longer and take heart that those good vibrations will be here again soon -- just don't make the mistake of springing your clocks ahead. Contrary to what some people think, today is also not the day to turn your tickers ahead for Daylight Savings Time 2011. That's not till Sunday, March 13 this year. Just don't forget to tell that to your iPhone.

Were you dreaming of spring this morning? Does it feel warmer where you are?


Image via nelgdev/Flickr

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