Why I'll Never Live in a Red State


red state blue stateJust in case you don't already know which way the political winds blow in your neighborhood, a Gallup poll shows what states have the most conservatives and the most liberals. And it seems the conservatives are either populating the U.S. at a higher rate, or fewer people are identifying with the left, as even in the most liberal states, the numbers of liberals are nowhere close to the percentages of conservatives in the blue states.

Still, there are few surprises here -- Mississippi has always leaned conservative. Except perhaps the exclusion of California as one of the most liberal states. Apparently the red areas make up for that bastion of blue surrounding Hollywood and my house. Which means I probably won't be traveling outside my neighborhood unless it's straight up the coast to the true blue San Francisco Bay area.

Yep, I'm a liberal who's afraid to be surrounded by red. So I won't be moving to any of these 10 most conservative states:

most conservative stateI grew up in the very red state of Oklahoma. But times were so different then, and the vitriol was saved for people from Texas, rather than the Democrats in the neighborhood. In fact, common ground was easy to find with my Republican neighbors. Those days are over now, as civility takes a back seat and Oklahoma legislators continue to attack the rights of women, and pretend that sharia law is a threat in the Great Plains. I simply could not live in a state that chooses to elect a majority of people who believe this way. It's against my self-interest, and that of my children.

While these top 10 liberal states have their own problems, I'd much rather find myself surrounded by like-minded people.


most liberal states

I used to believe that an interesting mix of views and values made for a lively discussion and a colorful neighborhood. While I still like to think this is an ideal way to live and learn, the hate-filled threats and bi-partisan nastiness make me want to retreat into my own, and never have to even talk to someone who thinks I'm lesser than him because of my gender. Or my children are, because they are half-Jewish. I don't need hate in my life, and would much rather live in a racial and religious mix than a political mix. Sadly, that's what's happening around the world as views get more and more narrow, and violent rhetoric becomes acceptable.

I realize a lot of red state folks would be appalled at the medicinal marijuana store front a few blocks from my house, just as I would be appalled at the lack of reproductive choice options or mosques in their neighborhood. While it makes me sad that the middle ground seems to be rapidly disappearing, I'm happy to be living in an area that embraces diversity, immigrants, women, and choice. So I'll stay here. And you can stay where you are.

Do you live in a liberal or a conservative state?


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RanaA... RanaAurora

Glad to be moving back to Colorado soon! We're in Washington right now. The 2-1/2 years we spent in Georgia were nuts... like when the school district wanted to put "Evolution is just a theory" stickers in the science textbooks...

Morgan Bedford

I live in a conservative state, NC. I am a conservative as well, and I love it here, just as you love where you are. Neither view is necessarily wrong, they are just different.

jagam... jagamama0710

We just moved to Colorado a few weeks ago! Lovin' it. :) We're from Missouri. I would have thought it shown on the top 10 red too but I guess not!

RanaAurora - Holy buckets, I agree with you about GA. We were stationed at Fort Benning but we lived across the state line in Alabama. We hated it there. We were only there for 18 months. My hubby reenlisted for Fort Carson as soon as his window opened. LOL 

PonyC... PonyChaser

You know, I'm getting really tired of you "open minded" and "peace-loving" liberals calling me a racist, bigot, and whatever else, just because I happen to have a different view on the world than you do.  I'm sure you don't see the world the same as those immigrants in your neighborhood, do you call them racist?  I'm sure you don't share the same religious outlook as those who attend the mosque in your neighborhood, do you call them bigots?

Then why do you call me, a conservative-leaning AMERICAN, a racist and a bigot? Bit close-minded of you, isn't it?


bills... billsfan1104

In those conservative states, there probably are not any mosques, because there isnt a a great need for them. I love how you blame the conservatives for all the violent rhetoric and vitriol, when in Wisconsin, you are seeign liberals calling Walker HItler, calling him horrible names and putting gun sites on his face. His family are getting death threats, but I guess that is OK, for liberals, because it is ffree speach.

nonmember avatar Anon

You don't need hate in your life, but you sure are full of hate based on your writings. So continuing whatever you've been doing will not help you achieve your goal. Maybe someday your kids will say they don't want to go to an integrated school because "they don't need hate in their lives." ... Thing is, if you are right, walking around with people who are wrong isn't going to suck your brains out. If you're that worried about it, maybe you aren't so sure of your beliefs after all.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

Does this sound too harsh?  :

No one in a red state gives a crap.

nonmember avatar Squancy

You just sound ignorant to me and I am glad you are gonna stay far, far away. I live in Georgia and love it here. I pass a mosque going to the grocery store. I am surrounded by lovely jews and nobody that goes to my church has any problem with people different than themselves. I adore my gay son, and I wouldn't care if sick people needed some pot to feel human again. And yet, I will never vote for big government policies. I too am from the Great State of Oklahoma and it is filled with wonderful, hard-working Democrats who don't want to leave or feel like they aren't welcome in their own neighborhoods. In case you haven't noticed, the hate filled nastiness comes mostly from liberals. Get educated and when you realize how limited your world view is, then go traveling. Until then, enjoy California.

jagam... jagamama0710

"hate filled nastiness comes mostly from liberals" LMAO ohhh...that's fantastic...thanks for the laugh!

nonmember avatar Joby

Hey Squancy, Anon, and PonyChase:
"The lady doth protest too much, me thinks."

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