Who’s Cuter: Robert Pattinson or His Puppy? (PHOTOS)

robert pattinson puppyIt must be hard to be Robert Pattinson. Always travelling for film shoots, away from home for long stretches of time, living out of hotels. His (maybe) girlfriend Kristin Stewart is busying working. The guy has it rough, ladies. He's a little lonely (yes, I know, you're thinking, R-Patz, call me!).

Our lonely guy needs some companionship. So, our beloved Twilight star adopted a puppy! Got it from a shelter only days before the doggie would have been put to sleep. I hear your collective "awwwwwwws" now.

The pup doesn't have a name yet, and we don't really know what kind of dog it is, but oh yes, we've thought about it!  We gathered up some possibilities that are, well, Robert-like and given them some Twilight-inspired names.




robert pattinson puppy

What about this little guy? Same droopy eyes, a little shaggy, a little sad looking. Perfect for Robert. I think he should name him Meyer, as in Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga.

robert pattinson puppy

Now check out this cutie-patootie. I think we've seen this look a few times from Robert in Eclipse. But how about a throwback to one of his early roles? Perhaps his Harry Potter character? Cedric, here boy!

robert pattinson puppy

Methinks this one needs a fierce name, like Razzi. Short for paparazzi, the herds of camera dudes that give our Robert such trouble all of the time.


robert pattinson puppy

Seriously, this dog and Robert could be twins! Perfect name: Eddie.

robert pattinson puppy

And last but not least, this furry friend. Maybe he doesn't look like Robert, but his breed is perfect. He's a bloodhound. Get it? Vampires? Blood? We're so funny! And we have the ideal name: Fang.

What do you think Robert Pattinson should name his new puppy?


Images (top to bottom): YouTube mikebaird/Flickr, smkn/Flickr, sittered/Flickr, hanumann/Flickr, Contadini/Flickr

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