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By the end of February, my patience with cold weather has worn pretty thin. My reaction to wind and chill starts to be irritation. What? Still cold? That's ridiculous!

I confess, I haven't found a proper cure for this yet, but I have noticed that if I start day dreaming about the garden, my symptoms lessen a bit. So today, I thought I'd recommend some of the prettiest gardening blogs out there.

These blogs are a mix of gorgeous pictures, practical advice, how-to instruction, and personal stories. Even if you have no intention of planting carrots or trimming the roses, these are still fun blogs to read. And if you do want to dive into gardening this year, but are overwhelmed with the sheer number of resources, these blogs are a great place to start.

This one is about a family attempting to become totally self-sufficient. One of the little girls runs around with fabulous dreadlocks. So cute!

You Grow Girl
Gayla is my go-to for easy-to-follow advice. And her books are great too.

At Home in the Garden
From the folks at Martha Stewart. Which reminds me, the March issues of Martha Stewart Living are also excellent place to seek gardening inspiration.

Progressive Pioneer
This has a mix of topics. Pretty much anything that would fall under the category of "modern pioneering" will be covered. In this post, she recommends 15 new plants to try this spring.

Suburban Sharecroppers
This family borrows land from their neighbor to grow their garden.

A Way to Garden
A popular gardening community headed by Margaret Roach. Try this post on 20 Seed FAQs.

Fresh Dirt
This blog is by the folks at Sunset Magazine. A smart source if your garden is in a western climate.

Brooklyn Roof Garden
I love this one for images of rooftop and city gardens. If you'd like to find more city garden blogs, try this roundup from Apartment Therapy.

Where do you get your garden inspiration? Is there a pretty garden blog you love that I should add to this list? Please share.

P.S. -- More in the mood for garden shopping? I hear that. Try Terrain. It's a garden store by the people who created Anthropologie. That's where I spotted the lovely (but pricey!) red watering can.


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Emily Hess-Flinders

I love Jennie Love's blog:
She's a flower farmer/floral designer who's ridiculously well trained. I always learn gobs from her posts.

nonmember avatar Alexis

Thanks for the tips! I'm pretty sure the dreadlocked kid on the Farmama blog is a boy though.

nonmember avatar PJ

The little girl with dreads on farmama is a little boy!

start... startingat40

Thank you so much for this post. I'm seriously tired of cold, snow and frozen ground. Hopefully, we are in the home stretch.



Jordan Knudsen Mangum

I know, way overdue, but I just started one of my own.

Chari... Charizma77

great tips, thanks!

elija... elijahsmama09

I would love to find a local blogger who does gardening. My area is so cold that a lot of things wont grow here(zone 4).

daerc... daerca574

I don't depend on blogs for gardening inspiration.  When I have time, I love to visit the countryside and look at what others have done for landscaping and such.  I am partial to native grasses and flowers.

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