Las Vegas Party Plane Gives You More Than a Hangover

las vegas party plane
What Happens on Las Vegas Air . . .
Just when you learn how disgusting an average airplane really is, along comes a temptress in the air to convince you to travel en masse yet again. Las Vegas Air hopes to attract all you East Coast types who haven't been showing up as frequently at the craps tables. So they're sending a party plane to pick you up and get you in the gambling mood.

That's right, a party plane. So you can get your drink on hours before touching ground in Sin City, and be a little bit looser with your cash. Of course I'm picturing one of those giant party buses I see every now and then and I'm wondering how that works when the fasten seat belt light goes on. Is it like freeze dance?

If this sounds like your bag, check out the amenities in this mile-high party.


While they're still working out hotel partnerships, the perks LV Air hopes to provide include inter-seat texting (can you say "sexting"?) and iPad monitors for all, holograms of celebrities giving you the in-flight messages, upscale meals prepared at famous Las Vegas eateries, purple and blue lighting with club music pumping, and if you're in first class -- flat bed seats. Oh yeah!

But the best aspect of all of this is that your luggage will wind up at your hotel, so no fussing around at baggage claim. And when you're ready to return to JFK Airport, you can check into your flight from the comfort of your Las Vegas hotel room.

Since the airfare for coach will be comparable to other airlines (first class will come at a premium), I'm just picturing the accidental business traveler who got booked on this flight through his corporate travel agency. Or the family of four that found a deal via Travelocity. It's hard to imagine an entire plane filled with party people, but if anyone can make it happen, it's those debaucherous Las Vegas types.

You know, now that I think about it -- I'm guessing what one might find in the bathroom would be far more disgusting than E coli. Yuck, I think I will pass on Las Vegas Air, simply for my health.

Would you take LV Air?

Image via xiquinholsiva/Flickr

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