Yankees Derek Jeter $7M Mansion Could House the Whole Team

Derek Jeter mansion

Derek Jeter's mansion

Check out New York Yankees' shortstop Derek Jeter's newly completed $7 million small city 31,000-square-foot mega mansion on the waterfront in Tampa, Florida. This kingdom estate boasts 7 bedrooms (that's all?), 9 bathrooms, two 3-car garages, a swimming pool, a billiards room, and, of course, a memorabilia room. Well, toss a baseball in my eye, that's HUGE.

Does Derek Jeter know he is just one person? Even with his +1, girlfriend Minka Kelly, that's just two people. What on earth do they need such a giant house for?


I know, I know ... people can spend their money however they want. However, how exactly do millionaires justify this kind of carbon footprint (with not a solar panel in sight)? Are he and Minka planning for a really large family? So would it kill them to get a teeny tiny 10,000-square-foot starter home until they make 3 or 4 kids? Do they plan to entertain a lot and welcome lots of houseguests -- like the whole Yankees team or maybe the cast of Friday Night Lights? I really want to know. What is all that space for?

In reality, do most of those rooms and a lot of that square footage just sit empty (but still heated or cooled and staffed) most the year -- just a silly status symbol of these wealthy stars?

Someone please tell me.

I know you're now going to accuse me of just being jealous, which in some way, I guess I am. However, I'm not as much jealous of this grossly gigantic abode as the amount of cash that went into the mega-project. Gosh, I could build nice, humble 3,000-square-foot homes for my entire family with that kind of cash. Or redo my current, perfectly acceptable 1,300-square-foot home really nice and put the rest away in the kids' college funds.

But then again, if I had that kind of money, would I suddenly feel the need to build my very own Florida castle? Maybe ... one never knows ...

What do you think Derek and Minka will do with all that space? Do you think it's wasteful?


Image via Michael Egger/Tampa Bay Online


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