Jennifer Aniston Selling Home Big Enough for Brad's Brood

jennier aniston houseI love hugs. I love hugging. I love giving hugs, getting hugs, hugging it out bee-atch style. Apparently Jennifer Aniston loves hugs too. She bought a house in Beverly Hills for $13.5 million and spent $15 million renovating it. Now the home feels “like a hug," she says. It's been her home since 2009, and I guess it's snuggly and cozy like only a 9,000-square-foot, Zen-inspired hug could be (yup, big enough for Brad and his fam).

But she’s selling it. Guess how much that "hug home" is worth?

$42 million smackeroos, people. She has a $42 million hug. Waiting just for you.


So, Jennifer's trying to downsize (perhaps her short new hairdo is evidence of that?), trying to “de-clutter” her life, maybe make a move to NYC -- aw, we can be neighbors, Jen, call me! -- and I get that. I applaud this. But $42 million?

The house is beyond amazing, was featured in Architectural Digest, is a mansion to beat all mansions, but, and I have to say it again, is it worth $42 million? Do the math: the original cost was about $13 million and the renovations were $15 million. My calculator says that's $28 million. Does she really need an extra $14 million?

And now let’s play my favorite game -- what can you get for $42 million?  Since Jen’s known for her hairstyles, let’s think haircuts. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive haircut was $17,000. Throw in $3,000 for a tip, and you could get this haircut 2,100 times. For $42 million, you could send 218 kids to four years at Harvard University ($48,000 x 4 years). You could buy 302,180 copies of Friends: The Complete Series DVD collection.

Or you could buy the space shuttle. Seriously. For the amount of Jennifer Aniston’s house, you could buy a spaceship. Beam me up, Scotty!

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's $42 million home?


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