Grossest Places on Planes That'll Make You Reconsider the Car

germs in airplanes
You don't want to be in here.
Did you get sick the last time you took a trip that included an airplane ride? It's highly likely you did, considering the germs, stale air, and close quarters that include you and all of those potential diseases around you. My son and my mother-in-law came home with something the last time they flew, and it's actually shocking the rest of us didn't as well.

USA Today outlines the germiest places on an airplane and in the airport, and while the bathroom is certainly the scariest, it's the unexpected places where germs thrive that really skeeve me out. Honestly, you're going to want to travel in a bubble, or not at all, after reading this.


In-flight magazines? Really? And while I was certainly suspicious about the blankets and pillows, I was under the impression that if I saw them folded up nicely in the overheard bin, they must be clean. Not so.

It's not just cold and flu germs floating around in the air; E. coli can be found all over the bathroom, the floors as you walk barefoot through security, and even the water fountains. All of this is to say that it feels like you may be taking your life into your own hands when you board the friendly, yet filthy, skies. Seriously, gross.

Aside from bathing everything in sanitizer, the advice is to always wear socks to avoid walking barefoot through security, and don't touch anything with your hands in the bathroom. Yeah, that one will be easy to follow. Basically keep yourself and your travel companions in a bubble: Bring your own reading material, don't use the seat pockets, and use hand sanitizer often.

Or, avoid the TSA madness, the germs, the stress, and just drive on your next family vacation.

Does this information make you less likely to fly?


Image via qmnonic/Flickr

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