India vs Bangladesh World Cup 2011 Highlights You Can Recreate In Your Backyard

cricketAs we learned this morning, the Cricket World Cup 2011 started today and the first match results are in! India beat Bangladesh by 87 runs. If that sounds like a lot to you, but you're not sure if it is because who knows anything about cricket ... yeah, it's a blowout. Hopefully the Cricket World Cup schedule 2011 will have some games that are a little closer. We want the drama!

But then again, matches could last for days ... which gives you plenty of time to reenact the India vs. Bangladesh World Cup 2011 highlights in your backyard!

No? Ok, well how about these fun games that will get the kids outside and away from the TV:

  1. Flonkerton. Tape some boxes to your kids feet and have them race, like Pam and Jim did in The Office Olympics. You can even shove their feet into tissue boxes and have them run around. They'll think it's fun ... because it is. I just described to you my Saturday nights.
  2. Smash It. This was one of my favorites growing up. When a household appliance bit the dust, like say, a coffee maker, my dad would wrap it up real good in paper and plastic bags, then my sisters and I got to beat the crap out of the dead coffee maker. It felt so dangerous and so wrong, yet so right. Better than any pinata I've ever seen.
  3. Kickball. Pay homage to the grandfather of kickball, cricket, with a good old fashioned game played in the cul-de-sac. If your kids suddenly find themselves surrounded by hipsters who are all "Oh man, I love kickball!" and start playing, don't worry -- they're harmless. They may, however, demand beer after the game though.
  4. Wall Ball. Got an only child? Have them throw a ball against the wall and think about how much they wish they had a brother or sister. It'll keep their body, and their mind, at work for hours.
  5. Hang Time. Grab a stop watch and a tennis ball and time how long the ball stays in the air after you throw it straight up. This is an excellent way to get balls stuck on your roof, giving your house that really authentic "kids live here" vibe. Also gives you a reason to get out the ladder, which is another toy kids love.

What are your favorite outdoor games?

Photo via andy_carter/Flickr

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