President's Day Lincoln Facts (Other Than He Was Gay)

lincoln memorialIt's President's Day! Where you do President's Day activities and celebrate all things George, Abe and Obama.  Or, do you spend it catching up on laundry and your DVRed Top Chef  episodes, while the kids build some sort of indoor ginormous fort with all of the cushions in the entire house. Yes, that is what I do.

But no more! Gather the children and discuss why you have this day off. I found some interesting factoids about one of our most beloved presidents: Abraham Lincoln. We all know he was tall. We've all heard the story about his assassination at Ford's Theater. We all know he had a cool hat. But, trust me, these hidden gems are really something.


1. Lincoln had three favorite foods. He loved to dine on lamb shanks, chicken casserole, and scalloped oysters. Not really mac-n-cheese kind of guy, I guess. Maybe you could make scalloped oysters as a President's Day dinner. Sigh. I really have no clue what scalloped oysters are or how you make them or that weird rule of when you should or shouldn't eat oysters depending on letters in the month. Who are we kidding? Kids aren't going to eat anything shanky or scallopy especially when you tell them to. Just give 'em pizza.

2. Not all Booths were baddies.  The man who killed Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, had a brother by the name of Edwin. Edwin was a hero. Really. He saved Robert, one of Abraham Lincoln's sons, when he fell into the space between an approaching train and the platform in 1864 in Jersey City. Hmmm, re-reading this, this is a little scary. Maybe not the best one to share with your kids, especially if they live in NYC and ride the subway.

3. Lincoln had Dream ESP.  Ol' Abe had a dream about his assassination. Days before it happened, he told his main bodyguard Ward Hill Lamon. Makes you wonder why Ward didn't step up security. Maybe you shouldn't share this one either. Nightmares may take on a whole different level of freak-out if they think they could actually happen.

4. Lincoln was the definition of a self-taught guy. One of our greatest presidents only went to school for 18 months. In his entire life, only a year and a half. Okay, you definitely don't want to share this one with your kids. Don't want to be planting any weird ideas. "But, Mom! Lincoln didn't go to school and he became president!" 

5. Lincoln used to hate visiting dentists. Lincoln had dentophobia. Yup, he was afraid of the dentist. I guess he had one bad experiece when the dentist was pulling out a tooth and almost broke his jaw. Scratch this one too.

Oh, bugger, just tell your kids he was tall.


How will you spend President's Day?


Image via sphilip1225/Flickr


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