The TSA Is Picking Your Pocket

tsa stealingYou'd think the TSA couldn't get more of a bad rap following the groping, the urine-bag breaking, and the all-around junk-touching of the past year. You'd be wrong. It seems that some seriously crappy apples in the Transportation Security Administration have been getting rich -- by stealing your money and valuables right out of your luggage.

Yep, TSA employees have been busted in Newark, JFK, Phoenix, and Buffalo for taking your belongings home with them. What a-holes. Really. We're forced to put all of our things through x-rays, be patted down, or subjected to x-rays ourselves, and now we find out these same people are making off with our money?

Granted, it's a total of six people out of thousands that are employed by the TSA, but I can't help but think there should be special, oh, I don't know, SCREENING in place when hiring people who have intimate knowledge of your intimates.

Think you were a victim?


If you flew in or out of Newark, New Jersey last year, a supervisor was charged with stealing from passengers as he accepted kickbacks from a subordinate who stole between $10,000 to $30,000 from passengers over a 13-month period. The JFK bag thieves that were busted yesterday admitted to stealing up to $160,000 from passengers out of the New York City area airport. Last September, a baggage handler in Phoenix was charged with stealing over one thousand bags. So it's almost cute that the agent in Buffalo, New York was only taking home confiscated items like tweezers and nail clippers, right?

I've flown in and out of JFK multiple times over the last year, but I didn't check my bags to see if anything was missing. Since I don't carry cash in my luggage (apparently some people do), I might not have noticed if something disappeared. We are missing a portable DVD player, but whether or not that is the fault of these TSA agents is anybody's guess. I do know that from now on I'll be taking a very careful inventory of what's inside my suitcase when I check it, and keeping my cash on my person when I walk through security.

The fact of the matter is we put trust in people who deliver our mail and handle our personal belongings. It's a horrible feeling to realize we can't even do that anymore. Shame on you, TSA agents.

Have you ever noticed anything missing after you fly?


Image via ToastyKen/Flickr

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