Clifford Who? Scottish Deerhound Is the New Big Dog

scottish deerhoundI'm sure Bo, The First Dog, was peeved.

Last night, a Scottish Deerhound took home the top prize at the Westminster Dog Show, beating out a field of dogs that included a Chinese Shar-Pei, a Smooth Fox Terrier, and yes, a Portuguese water dog (Bo's breed). Italian judge Paolo Dondina picked the Scottish Deerhound because of "her beauty and showmanship," putting her atop of the others.

As GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, aka Hickory, won Best in Show, anyone else think, "That's one BIG dog?!"

Sir Walter Scott called the Scottish Deerhound "the most perfect creature." Okay, so Sir Walter Scott was also Scottish and his opinion may have been a tad biased. That aside, Hickory is one cool-looking dog. I've never really seen a Scottish Deerhound before.

Hickory's victory (that's a mouthful) got me wondering about this behemoth of a dog ... and if we should get one.


According to my Goggleuthing, the Scottish Deerhound is a sweet, devoted, regal dog. Obviously athletic, they are extremely fast and love to play outdoors. Not really a "play fetch" kind of dog, a Scottish Deerhound is a little lazy, a bit of a couch potato (perfect for my TV-loving family). And, yes, the Scottish Deerhound is great with kids.

Plus -- can we just say it again -- the dog is huge.

All of these factors combined make her the perfect playmate for my only child. I can see it now: my daughter brushing the dog's ragged hair, a rainbow of barrettes throughout the fur, a few "pony-doggie-tails" here and there. And who needs a rocking horse (or old wrapping paper roll) when you have a dog (almost) as big as a horse? If she wants to play princess, she can just climb on the pooch's back and -- voila! -- we have a royal steed.

For practical purposes, the dog is the perfect snuggle companion for her and could keep her whole body warm in winter months. Shave a few bucks off of the electric bill. Saving Mama money is always a plus.

Move over, Clifford! There's a new big dog in town.

Would you get a Scottish Deerhound?


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