Lamborghini Aventador Supercar Costs as Much as an Island

Lamborhini Aventador LP 700-4Did that ol' minivan finally crap out? Looking for a new car? Well, as luck would have it, Lamborghini is debuting their new set of wheels over at that Geneva Motor Show (you have your tix yet?).

Here are the specs for the new Aventador LP 700-4: Its lightweight frame is made of carbon fiber. It can reach 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and go up to 217 mph. 

Perfect when you are running late for school drop-off, right? And check out that picture. Your 5-year-old is gonna love the fact that he's going to Tae Kwon Do class in the Batmobile's long-lost cousin. Only drawback? The backseat space is (obviously) a wee bit lacking. Oh, and it costs $370,000.

If you need extra room for carpooling, you'll have to look to the Maybach 62 by Mercedes-Benz. Its sticker price? $459,000.

What does one get for that chunk of change?


I guess the better question is what isn't included. You get your choice of colors and butter-soft leather interiors. The backseats recline, to almost fully flat, with a leg rest! You have tray tables for snacks, a perfume atomizer built into the air conditioning system (great for when Junior has a messy diaper), and a glass roof. Who doesn't need a glass roof?! Let's not forget about the two flat-screen TVs and the 21-speaker sound system.

Anyone else thinking they could live in this car?

These cars are ridiculous, dare I pull out the re-don-ku-lous label, folks. Just for kicks, I crunched the numbers. For $459,000, a family of four in New York City could go see the Justin Bieber movie (complete with snack galore) 5,464 times. That's 14 times a day for a year. I could buy that cute Kate Spade tote Lindsay Ferrier told us about for myself and 3,164 of my closest friends. I could buy an island -- Carrington Cay Island in the Bahamas goes for $455,000.

Jeez, I could buy the Volkswagen Passat I saw in that Super Bowl ad starring the mini Darth Vadar for $20,000 and -- gasp -- save the rest and not worry about paying for my kid's college.

What would you do with $459,000?


Image via Autoblog

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