Growing Your Own Marijuana Shouldn't Be Illegal

911 pot call arrestedBut you shouldn't be so stupid about it that you call 911 just to discuss your "seedling." Robert Michelson, a 21-year-old genius from Connecticut, did just that when he decided the best way to find out "how much trouble you could get into" for growing pot in your house was by dialing 911 and asking the dispatcher. In one of the most hilarious video/audio recordings of all time, the (stoned? you betcha) pot farmer answers the first words of the dispatcher, "911, what's the location of your emergency?" with a drawn out, " ... well, let's not get into that just yet." 


Listen to the call yourself, and try to figure out what Stoner McGee was thinking.


Yep, it's hilarious. What wasn't so funny for Michelson was when the dispatcher handed his address over to the local authorities and they went to check out the scene where, yes, he had marijuana seeds and drug paraphernalia. Michelson was promptly arrested.

Which, in spite of this goofball's massive, massive, bumbling, I really don't think should have happened.

I realize marijuana is still an illegal drug, but hopefully not for long. Growing and consuming your own stash should certainly be legal, given that you're not consuming anything worse than the very legal alcohol. It's a silly thing, this illegal drug that has almost become a joke in this country. Who hasn't inhaled?

Laws should change, and even dumb dudes like Michelson shouldn't have to be taken into custody for such a minor thing as growing your own marijuana or possessing drug paraphernalia. It's a waste of our taxpayer dollars and the time of our law enforcement officials.

Who, incidentally, reported that Michelson had a very special message for the 911 dispatchers when he left the police station: two middle fingers. It would be so much better to have a law against stupid than marijuana. Either way, Michelson would be busted.

Do you think you should be able to grow pot in your house for your own use?


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