Have a Very Google Wedding

google wedding
Paper: It's so 20th century
Not satisfied to only put AOL and MapQuest out of business, Google has launched a wedding site to help you out on your big day. Forget the wedding planner, you can organize everything from the cake to the honeymoon online at Google Weddings.

If you're the type that would rely on a paid person outside of your family to get all the details right on your wedding day, this tool will save you thousands of dollars. Every last guest name, and dollar spent on centerpieces, can be organized thanks to the latest Google feature to make your life easier and more transparent. And of course, you'll get help putting together your wedding website, which has become a newly engaged couple's rite of passage.

While I'm all about cutting corners and not breaking the bank for one day out of your life, I can't help but think that there could be some mishaps, perhaps, as a result in relying on Google to get everything right on the happiest day of your life.

Like, say:

  • The Street View of your honeymoon hotel in Queensland was taken pre-cyclone.
  • By putting all your wedding details online, people who you dissed can easily find out that you don't care enough about them to include them in your big day.
  • Autofill inviting Robert Jackson (your ex) instead of Robert Jones (your co-worker).
  • None of your invited guests over the age of 70 have any idea where the wedding is, how to get there, or how to find your registry.

Would you use Google to plan your wedding?


Image via sinksanctity/Flickr

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