Steve Jobs Home Office Is Nirvana, Except for Fish Smell

necker islandPoor Steve Jobs. The Apple founder and CEO is on medical leave. One perk: his company allows him to work from home. Okay, sure, he owns the company, but still, it is nice to know that he's taking advantage of his company's supportive HR policies.

I want to work from home. Let me rephrase that. I want to work from home at his home. Who wouldn't: it probably has iPads in every room. Apple TV at the ready to call up your favorite shows while on your lunch break or blast your "Working Intently" playlist via the speakers. Wireless everything. 

But -- and isn't there always a but -- if I were working from home at Steve Jobs' abode, I'd have to put up with him. As genius as he may be, he's been known to have an ego. He may forbid my Quarter-Pounder with cheese from McDs -- he's a pescetarian. He eats fish, veggies, and so on, but no meat. Constant fishy smell. Stinky-stinky.

So, if I can't work from Steve Jobs' home, which billionaire's house would I want to work from?


Donald Trump: Sure, The Donald has had his money woes, but he's still the king of real estate. His New York City penthouse is, no doubt, lavish, gilded, and ritzy with a capital R. Pros: Sharing a cubicle with Celebrity Apprentice funny lady-icon Joan Rivers. She may have free jewelry from her QVC line in her drawers, who knows. Cons: Vying for bathroom time with Donald. He's got that hair to maintain.

Oprah: The Queen of Talk. She's got houses in California and apartments in both NYC and Chicago. And let's not forget the house in Maui. If I had my choice, I guess I'd work from her main house in Montecito, California. Why? It's called "The Promised Land." Really, I can't make that up. Pros: Watercooler chit-chats with Ms. O. What could be better? Cons: Keeping small talk up with Steadman when she's not around. He seems lovely, but not much of a talker. Lulls in conversation make me nervous.

Sir Richard Branson: He actually is royalty. He's got the title "Sir" and is the head of the Virgin Group empire. Beyond that, he owns an island. Not just any island, but Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Pros: You're on a friggin' private island. Cons: I've thought long about this and (finally) thought of one and only one: sand in my laptop.    

President Obama: Okay, he's not a billionaire, but he works from home every day in the most famous house in the world, doesn't he? Pros: Workout tips from the First Lady (I really want her arms). Cons: Those Secret Service pat-downs. Not fun when I'm a little bloated after lunch.

Where would your dream place to work from home be?


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