$1 Million for Latest Hitler Memorabilia Is a Crime

hitlerIf ever you wanted to own a piece of seriously depressing military history, now is the time. Craig Gottlieb specializes in Nazi memorabilia and now he’s auctioning off Hitler’s own inkwell desk set. But it’s not just any old inkwell, not just any old set. Nope. This is the same set used to sign the 1938 Munich Pact, which allowed Nazi Germany to annex parts of Czechoslovakia.

Originally the Allied powers (France, Britain and Italy) thought the agreement would appease Hitler in his quest to take over Europe. Obviously things did not go as planned! (Less than a year later Germany invaded Poland.)

Gottlieb hopes to sell the set for up to $1 million. I suppose that’s a steal, if you are a super-huge military buff. But it also seems like a lot to pay for what is potentially some very bad juju.


Would you want something this creepy in your office? Despite the historical value, it’s also carrying around some mean weight. You might as well create a terrace out of bricks from Auschwitz or a garden gate out of prison bars. I can just see the ghosts of all the people he killed now, floating up from the inkwells on each side of the set.

The desk set is made entirely of bronze and emblazoned with that all-too-familiar iron eagle standing on a swastika, a common symbol of the Nazi regime. The eagle is flanked by the letters “AH” – not hard to guess what that stands for. There are also two inkwells – just perfect for signing many horrifying military orders and death warrants!

Just reading about this set gives met the willies. Can you imagine the kind of karma it could carry into your home? It most definitely does not meet the principles of feng shui. The negative energy this this must carry with it are seriously cringeworthy.

There must be people out there who can look at for its historical merits alone. But it's too hard not to see through that to all of the horrible things Hitler stood for. I look at this desk set and I see nothing but gas chambers, emaciated children, families torn apart and nations destroyed, all in the name of ego. Nope. Something like this wouldn't last a day in my house.

Would you ever consider buying Hitler memorabilia?


Image via billium12/Flickr

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