Stars of 'Gnomeo and Juliet': 5 Little Gnome Facts

gnomeIf Sir Elton John can't get us excited about gnomes, who can? His kids' flick Gnomeo and Juliet hits theaters today (yup, he did the songs for it -- Sir John also provided the tunes for that little animated film The Lion King).

I have already had 11 requests to see this movie from my daughter. I'm no spring chicken, er, pink flamingo. I know I am gonna have a gazillion and one questions from my tot about gnomes.

Sigh. So, being a diligent mama and all that, I set out to find out about gnomes. Did a little Googleuthing and discovered some, ahem, interesting gnome tidbits. Figured I'd pass these little gnome facts along (everyone is using that pun these days). They're pretty cool ... if you're into that kinda thing.


Little Gnome Fact 1: Gnomes are like Eskimos.

No shaking hands in Gnomeland. Nope, they rub noses. They rub noses to say hello, good-bye, give affection. This creeps out the germaphobe in me. What about flu season? Do they use a Purell-type thing on their noses? What if you just sneezed and pass by a friend in the garden? What's the gnome-nose-rubbing protocol? 

Little Gnome Fact 2: Gnomes are like birds.

According to those that know (and care), a sighting of a gnome is only confirmed when it is witnessed by two people. I guess the same rules apply to birdwatching. Again, not quite sure why anyone knows this or made this rule up, but, they did. So, that means if you are alone in the woods and you see a gnome, but no one else is there to see it, it never happened (and you need to lay off the sauce).

Little Gnome Fact 3: Gnomes are kinda like little superheros.

Gnomes are seven times stronger than a man. They have ESP capabilities, can run as fast as 35 miles per hour, and have super-smelling noses. Their eyesight rivals that of a hawk. Put those together and that makes this woodland creature kinda like a superhero. Maybe that's why so many have capes?

Little Gnome Fact 4: Gnomes have many French friends.

The Garden Gnome Liberation Front (aka Le Front Pour la Libération des Nains de Jardin) is a group of French gnome lovers who believe gnomes should be freed from their lawn decor servitude. So, they have liberated gnomes across France. They "freed" 150 gnomes in 1997 and another 80 in 2006. Something about this reeks of "grand-scale college prank."

Little Gnome Fact 5: Pregnant gnome ladies are tough.

So, not only do gnome women always give birth to twins (one boy and one girl, natch), they carry them for 12 months. Think about it: you are pregnant a year. With twins. In the woods. Wearing a pointy hat. I'm surprised the species has lasted.

How's your gnome IQ?

Image via Son Of Groucho/Flickr

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