5 Reasons Moms Should Live in 'Miserable Cities'

most miserable cities in america
Awesome Drive Up Library in Cleveland!
The Forbes list of America's Most Miserable Cities must be making the people of the Pacific Northwest pretty happy right now. Since that's one of the only regions that didn't take a beating in the 20 worst places to live, according to the list-making online mag.

Forbes took the following into consideration when creating its miserable list: unemployment, crime, weather, foreclosures/house prices, tax rates, commute times, professional sports team suckage. However, if you were a mom, you would look at this quite differently.

In fact, all but one (Bakersfield does look kind of miserable) of these cities seem pretty okay to me. Some are downright awesome (Chicago!). Which leads me to the conclusion that moms should flock to these cities while the median housing prices are so low.

Here are five reasons to move to miserable towns right now:


1. Miami? Really? Have these people ever BEEN to the land of perpetual youth? All that salsa dancing is enough to make a mom forget she's got three kids and the under-eye bags to prove it.

2. Detroit is back, because Eminem said so. And all moms should always listen to Eminem.

3. Even though the majority of the cities are located in Florida and California, moms know that beautiful weather trumps median house prices when you're trying to get out the (maybe foreclosed) door in the morning.

4. Two out of the 20 cities have Real Housewives franchises, so, like, come on! That's some serious mom-opportunity right there.

5. Because Cleveland clearly inspires creativity. How proud is the guy's mom who made this tourism video?

Do you live in one of the most miserable cities? Defend her honor!

Image via OCLS/Flickr

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